Woman wearing a face covering outside a store waiting for it to reopen

When Can Stores Reopen: Dates and Guidelines for Each State

  • By Matthew Ritchie

While some stores remain closed, others are beginning to reopen as state leaders ease restrictions, and retailers deemed non-essential prepare for the new normal. 

Still, despite curbside pickups proliferating and temporary retail store closures coming to an end, many retailers are struggling with how to reopen their stores as stay-at-home orders get lifted.

It seems every state has different views on the maximum amount of customers in a given store at one time, whether or not temperature checks for employees are necessary, and how to implement and enforce social distancing in-store. And that isn’t ideal for chains with hundreds (if not thousands) of locations and even more employees spread across the country.

Have You Been Wondering When Can Stores Reopen?

You’re not alone.

Retailers have been asking us when stores can reopen too, which is why we created a new website, whenwillstoresreopen.com, to track all the changes as they happen day by day.


To learn when stores can reopen and what it’ll entail, click here.

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