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Foko Retail is an all-in-one visual merchandising tool that helps retail teams get tasks done, for better brand consistency across stores.


Easily Manage In-Store Activities

Assign tasks to stores, monitor their completion and provide feedback. Get total visibility into all displays, and make sure they’re 100% HQ-approved.



Be Bold and Brand Consistent

Inspire your team by sharing best practices, images of amazing displays, and visual merchandising strategies. Foko Retail helps align teams on what needs to get done, to create exceptional in-store experiences.



Put Insights to Use

Access detailed analytics on compliance and store performance, to quickly identify problem areas and make improvements where needed.



Foko Retail allows us to communicate directly with each store, and make sure everything looks exactly the way we want it to.

Fiorina Giovinazzo, Director of Field Visual at Indigo



Communicate Instantly

Broadcast corporate announcements, collaborate in group chat or channels, and send direct messages to reach merchandising compliance faster.



Store All Your Files

Securely store and sync visual merchandising guidelines, planograms, and all your files and folders. Get unlimited storage and access to it from any device or web browser.





Store teams can get instant feedback on pictures, and then adjust what they’ve been doing.

Renaud Manceron, former Visual Merchandising Director at Hermès International
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