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Nail your in-store presentation at every location with Foko Retail’s mobile-first visual merchandising solution.

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How Does Our Visual Merchandising Solution Work?

Foko Retail is a tool used by visual merchandisers for communicating with teams, auditing displays, and ensuring stores bring their brand vision consistently to life.

Over 60+ retailers and brands rely on our visual merchandising software to know what’s happening in their stores every day.

Foko Retail allows us to communicate directly with each store and make sure everything looks exactly the way we want it to.

Fiorina Giovinazzo, Director of Field Visual at Indigo
  • Communicate Instantly

    Broadcast corporate announcements and visual merchandising news, collaborate in group chat or channels, and send direct messages to reach merchandising compliance faster.

  • Track What’s Happening

    Get a comprehensive daily dashboard of top performers, task progress, and more, depending on your job title, so you can gauge store performance and know what needs to get done at a glance.

  • Store All Your Files

    Securely store and sync visual merchandising guidelines, planograms, files, and folders across your organization, and access them from any corporate-approved device or web browser.

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Store teams can get instant feedback on pictures, and then adjust what they’ve been doing.

Renaud Manceron, former Visual Merchandising Director at Hermès International

Easily Manage In-Store Activities

Assign tasks, monitor their completion and provide real-time feedback. Get total visibility into all visual merchandising displays and make sure they’re 100% HQ-approved in an instant.

Be Bold and Brand Consistent

Deliver the right in-store experience every time. Tell your team what needs to get done and easily share visual merchandising strategies, tips, techniques, guides, and more in one app.


Put Insights to Use

Access detailed visual merchandising analytics on compliance levels across stores, so you can quickly identify areas in need of improvement and make changes fast.

We aren’t using three or four different tools to communicate. We’re using just one.

Dave Sanborn, Senior Director of Operations at Five Below

Why Foko Retail’s Visual Merchandising Solution?

Available Everywhere

With native apps for Android, iOS, and Web, you can use Foko Retail’s visual merchandising solution anywhere work happens in stores.

Eliminates Legal Risk

Limit user access, so your team never receives unwanted messages after work hours and only when they're on the job.

VMs Love It

Our visual merchandising solution is one of the most used retail apps in the world, with a daily average user engagement rate higher than Facebook.

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