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Nail in-store merchandising and create memorable customer experiences at every location with Foko Retail.

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What is Visual Merchandising Software?

Visual merchandising software is a tool used by modern retailers and brands to ensure products and campaigns are displayed correctly—whether it’s located in a storefront window, in an aisle, or on a mannequin—in each of their stores or partner locations. Visual merchandising software such as Foko Retail helps companies improve their in-store execution, keep visuals consistent, and boost sales.

Since switching to Foko Retail, store-level compliance has improved significantly. In fact, the sale of products in our front windows is up by 25% now that displays look the way they should.

Visual Merchandising Manager, Fuego Stores
  • Easily Assign and Review Tasks

    With Foko Tasks, your team knows exactly what needs to get done every day, and can complete surveys, submit photos of displays for approval, and get feedback straight from their mobile devices.

  • Communicate in Real Time

    Indicate where adjustments need to be made, even by drawing right on an image. With Foko Retail’s visual merchandising software, if stores have questions, they can communicate back up the chain and get clarification right away.

  • See What’s Happening In-Store

    Easily collect and sort through photos from multiple locations by assigning tasks, so you can see how each store is executing directives at a glance.

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Before Foko Retail, we would literally spend days collating photos… now, the whole process can be done in a matter of hours.

Alice Millichamp, Retail Operations Manager at Kurt Geiger

See What Needs to Get Done

With a comprehensive daily dashboard, stores and visual merchandising teams can get an overview of all upcoming and overdue tasks, important communications, and a leaderboard of top performers to know how well they’re doing.

Share and Store Documents

With Foko Retail’s document repository, it’s easy to centralize information like planograms, product guides, and visual merchandising guidelines for sharing with your store teams.


Gain Insights, Fast

Take a deep dive into store performance with detailed analytics on compliance levels across stores and find merchandising areas in need of improvement.

Why Use Foko Retail’s Visual Merchandising Software?

Available Everywhere

With native apps for Android, iOS, and Web, you can use our mobile-first visual merchandising solution anywhere in-store.

Optional Geolocations

Limit user access to select stores, so your team never receives unwanted messages after work hours, either for legal reasons or to encourage a better work-life balance.

Adored by Retailers

Foko Retail is one of the most used store audit software platforms in the world, with a daily average user engagement rate higher than Facebook.

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