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3 Ways Foko Retail Helps Telecom Stores Manage their Teams

  • By Matthew Ritchie

Despite the rise of online shopping, telecom retail stores remain a primary source of hardware sales, customer acquisitions, and renewals for communication service providers (CSPs).

But the market is changing. Now, thanks to the rise of mobile devices and ongoing improvements to wireless communication, there are thousands of options available to consumers. And it’s not uncommon to find multiple providers selling similar products in the same malls (and savvy shoppers working them against each other to find the best deals).

To compete, sellers need to differentiate themselves by offering a superior customer experience that stands apart from the competition.

To do that, CSPs need to reimagine and refine the customer experience while staying relevant to today’s consumers in order to secure their long-term loyalty and business.

But without the right tools in place, that’s easier said than done.

Here are three ways Foko Retail helps CSPs streamline communication, simplify retail store operations, and train their employees to sell better.


1. Manage Visual Merchandising and In-Store Marketing with Foko Tasks

Generally, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are focused on straightforward transactions. But making a sale is a bit more complicated for CSPs. Sure, hardware sales and accessories account for a good portion of a business’s bottom line, but the real money comes from the ongoing plans and packages they sell. Because of that, it’s essential that CSPs not only to land new customers but keep current ones.

With one in four telecom customers using a physical store, kiosk, or showroom to evaluate a product or service, it’s important to grab a customer’s attention at the moment, so they don’t take their business elsewhere (or online).

First impressions are everything. With hundreds of promotions—from something as simple as a price change to discounts for customers who switch providers—and items hitting stores, keeping your team on top of in-store marketing materials and getting the right products in place can be a pain.

With Foko Tasks, CSPs can keep daily retail operations running smoothly by assigning tasks and surveys, and requesting photos, so they always know what’s happening in each of their outlets, regardless of their distance from HQ.

If something doesn’t look right (like a product display or in-store signage), users can provide feedback—and even draw right on a photo—so associates and specialists know exactly what needs changing and how to do it.

And Foko Retail provides detailed insights on store-level execution. CSPs can measure the impact of all their in-store merchandising and marketing, gauge if each location is compliant, identify areas in need of improvement, and get detailed insights into how their kiosks, stores, and teams are operating. That way, telecom providers can keep track of their stores at a glance, make sure their brand shines at each location, and ensure teams are delivering the best possible customer experience.


2. Train Sales Associates So They Know Products and Promotions, Inside and Out

Even though the world is at most consumers’ fingertips, the majority of customers still visit physical locations to get extra information on products and services. (According to a study by Accenture, 6 in 10 customers use stores to ask for advice.)

That’s why it’s integral that your sales team aren’t only brand champions, but a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping customers choose the right mobile device, smartphone plan, or internet and TV package. (And with the majority of carriers having hundreds of items on display, not to mention models, deals, and discounts stashed away behind closed doors, that’s a lot of information to retain.)

CSPs can use Foko Retail to provide in-depth training to its teams, so they’re better equipped to answer any questions customers may have about items, promotions, and plans. Companies can create best practice channels to share tips on making a sale, broadcast announcements (like product recalls or flash sales), and immediately share product info (like documents and spreadsheets), so associates get more time with customers.


3. Share and Store Important Documents, Securely

Whether it’s spreadsheets, PDFs, Word Docs, videos, photos, or anything else your team may need while doing their job (like standard operating procedures), Foko Retail’s My Docs helps CSPs safely store and share information internally.

Foko Retail offers unlimited storage, so you never need to worry about upgrading, and administrators can set permissions about who can view certain files and track who’s seen what, so stores get held accountable, and corporate information never falls into the wrong hands.



Choosing the right smartphone, plan, cable, internet service, or upgrade is a tough decision to make. That’s why CSPs need to train their staff to advocate for a customers’ needs by building a trusting relationship through superior product knowledge and support.

Foko Retail helps providers do that by giving them added insights, visibility, and control of their teams, so operations always run smoothly. To learn more, click here.


About the Author

Matthew Ritchie is a content marketing specialist and former arts and culture journalist. He lives in Ottawa, ON. When not researching and writing about the retail industry, he can be found hiking the trails of nearby Gatineau Park or alphabetizing his record collection.