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Retail worker holding a tablet while conducting a store audit

How to Write and Conduct a Store Visit Report

Store visits and audits are necessary for assessing the effectiveness of your stores. Here’s how to properly create and conduct one.

Retail employees looking at a phone display in a telecommunication store

Increase Employee Engagement with Our New Guide for Retailers

To help retailers who are struggling with their store team engagement, we’ve created a definitive guide to engaging store-level employees. Click here to download it.

Apparel store manager holding a tablet while staring at store operations software on his computer

How to Improve Store Operations [2021 Guide]

In our latest guide, we show you how to accomplish more in-store and hold teams accountable during this difficult time.

Retail worker wiping down the counter with disinfectant

Learn How to Improve Retail Operations In Our New E-Book

In our latest e-book, we’ll show you how to improve retail operations by walking you through solutions to common in-store problems.

Retail worker holding a cell phone while conducting an audit

How to Safely Conduct Store Visits and Audits During COVID-19

We’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, strategies, and suggestions to help make store visits and audits safer for everyone during this difficult time.

Girl in a telecommunication store looking at an iPhone device

3 Ways Foko Retail Helps Telecom Stores Manage their Teams

Here’s how Foko Retail helps CSPs streamline communication, simplify retail store operations, and train associates to sell better.

Female retail associate organizing retail store

Study Finds the True Cost of Improper Store Execution

Improper store execution can cost retailers millions of dollars in lost revenue—$3.7 million on average, to be precise. Learn why in RIS’s latest study.