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Foko Retail Insights: How Store Operations Changed Due to COVID-19

(And Predictions for What Will Change in 2021)

  • By Sarah Murphy

Store operations can include everything from staff management and customer service to loss prevention and building maintenance to inventory and distribution—and 2020 left no aspect of store operations unchanged. 

The COVID-19 pandemic meant major shifts in staffing, safety protocols, and supply lines. But it also provided valuable lessons and opportunities for resilience.

Over the past year, major retailers embraced curbside pickup, implemented strict sanitization guidelines, added more space indoors, offered dedicated shopping hours and virtual concierge services, and rewarded frontline workers for the heroes they are. 

In our new report, How Store Operations Changed Due to COVID-19 and What’s In-Store for 2021, we explain how brands like Five Below, Costco, and Target have not only adapted during the pandemic, but found ways to thrive.

It also features predictions for 2021 and offers suggestions for how retailers can get ahead of the curve, including embracing trends like:

  • Micro-fulfillment and creative distribution strategies
  • Small-format retail spaces
  • Changes to product assortment
  • Contactless payment options

To find out how you can successfully implement strategies like those mentioned above, download a free copy of the full report down below.


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