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Store Management Software | Foko Retail

As the adage goes, time is money. And in the world of retail, where decisions on the sales floor can have a monumental impact on a retailer’s bottom line, proper store management is integral to saving both.

But the truth is, many of today’s retailers still don’t understand what improper in-store execution caused by outdated approval practices and inefficient communication cycles is costing their businesses.


That’s Where Store Management Software Comes In

With a store management software solution designed specifically for enhancing execution, visual merchandising, and communication, retailers can get better visibility into their stores’ day-to-day practices, and boost profits in the process thanks to the accurate implementation of directives and data-informed decision making.

Store management software should be easy to implement and intuitive to use, no matter where or who you are. It should provide retailers’ HQ with a steady flow of information from their frontline, and give store and field teams a direct line to higher-ups so they can ask questions and receive feedback.

Ideally, it should also help you streamline operations by centralizing all of your daily correspondences, tasks, and documents in one spot.

Foko Retail compliance management


Here’s What Foko Retail Can Do For Your Business

Assign Tasks Easily: Request photos of displays and provide feedback, all in real time, to get better visibility into your stores and achieve compliance faster.

Store Documents Securely: Say goodbye to your intranet or shared drive. With Foko Retail’s My Docs, all the files your team needs—from directives to spreadsheets, videos, PDFs, guides, and images—are easily uploaded, shared, and accessible for anyone who needs access within your organization.

Communicate More Efficiently: Associates aren’t sure if a display looks right? Foko Retail lets you connect with co-workers and team members—either one-on-one, in group chat, or via public channels—over a safe and secure, private internal communication platform.

Training: Store-level turnover is an unavoidable part of the retail industry. Have some new hires who need to get up to speed, fast? Teach them the ins and outs of your brand by sharing best practices, visuals of great displays, and facilitating their merchandising mindest to speed up in-store execution, and save time setting up stores.

Access In-Depth Reports: Generate insights that can be analyzed and shared with key stakeholders, so everyone knows where your team’s in-store execution stands and the results of their visual merchandising efforts.



Looking for store management software that provides an easier way to manage in-store execution? Look no further than Foko Retail.

To find out if Foko Retail’s store management software is right for your business, set up a time with someone from our friendly Customer Success team by emailing