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Foko Retail’s mobile-first retail task management tool helps store teams get stuff done.

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What is Retail Task Management Software?

Retail task management software helps retailers manage and oversee day-to-day operations in stores by creating a direct line of communication between corporate and their frontline.

With Foko Retail, task managers can gain visibility into the progress and completion of daily tasks and surveys.

Instead of waiting for emails to trickle in, we’re saving a significant amount of time on merchandising validation because we can send out a task and start getting results back within the hour.

Visual Merchandising Manager at Fuego
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  • Get Tasks Completed Faster

    Assign tasks, create to-do lists, and send surveys straight to your frontline’s mobile devices, so stores stay up-to-date, brand consistent, and HQ-approved.

  • Give Instant Feedback

    Notice something doesn’t look right? Send messages to clarify directives, and give visual feedback—even by drawing right on a photo—to show what needs changing.

  • See What’s Happening In Stores

    Get visibility into every location, and make sure important communications reach the right team members—that way everyone stays in the loop, and nothing gets missed.

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With Foko Retail, we can see who’s done a task straight away, and give feedback in the moment. We’re reaching compliance much, much faster than we ever could in the past.

Retail Operations Manager at Kurt Geiger
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Simplify Task Management and Store Audits

Stop overloading stores with a jumble of emails and communications. With Foko Retail’s intuitive task manager app, it’s easy to create assignments and get stuff done. Employees know what to prioritize with a daily dashboard and calendar of upcoming and overdue tasks.

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Streamline Store Communications

Broadcast announcements—like in-store promotions, product recalls, pricing updates, and more—and share documents for working on the go (or referencing later on).


Access Powerful Performance Insights

Get advanced reporting and analytics on task compliance, inventory counts, merchandising resets, and more, so you can immediately identify areas in need of improvement.

Why Our Retail Team Task Management Software?

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Available Everywhere

With native apps for Android, iOS, and Web, you can use our retail task and project management software anywhere in-store.

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Eliminates Legal Risk

Limit user access, so your team never receives unwanted messages after work hours, and internal communications never risk falling into the wrong hands.

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Store Employee Approved

Foko Retail is one of the most used retail task management platforms in the world, with a daily average user engagement rate higher than Facebook.