Visual Merchandising and In-Store Marketing Tool
Ensure Total Compliance with Foko Retail

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Get visibility into merchandising execution and promotions, and see what’s happening in-store without ever checking your inbox.
Manage Store-Level Execution

Ensure stores are brand consistent and up-to-date, no matter where they are.


  • Assign tasks and send surveys
  • Request photos and videos of displays
  • Provide immediate feedback

Communicate in Real Time

Too often, retailers use outdated tech like intranets and emails to stay in touch. That’s totally ‘90s (and not in a good way).

Use our mobile-first merchandising software to:


  • Send direct messages to individuals or groups
  • Broadcast news and announcements
  • Clarify tasks and offer guidance

Score Insights On Merchandising
and In-Store Marketing

Access detailed analytics on store-level execution so you can gauge the impact of your merchandising and marketing strategies.


  • Measure store performance
  • Monitor the rollout of campaigns
  • Share insights with team leaders

“We’re able to give our stores the close supervision we’ve always desired.”

– Kelsey Leach, Visual Merchandising Manager at Fuego and Attic Salt

Transform Your Workflow

Retail is evolving. Don’t get left behind because your tech sucks.

Foko Retail helps you stay ahead of the competition:

  • Save time dealing with daily communications
  • Guarantee in-store compliance
  • Boost profits through better merchandising

As Easy As Instagram, No Training Required

Our social media-style interface and mobile-first responsive design are intuitive to today’s users.

Foko Retail is available on iOS, Android, and Web.