Streamline HQ-to-store communication for better
merchandising and operations.

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Easy Communication +
Enhanced Visibility
Use an Instagram-like interface that is familiar to everyone, so your team needs little-to-no training to get going. Interact in real time with likes and comments, and categorize your content with #hashtags.
Organize Your Team
Organize teams in channels by region, job or division. Share photos, directives, best practices, and messages so everyone’s in the loop. To share sensitive information, use private channels to ensure that only those invited can see in.
Give Instant Feedback
Share visuals and get in touch instantly with real-time messaging. See something you don’t like? Draw right on an image to give visual feedback and highlight what needs to be changed.


Assign Tasks
There's no better way to validate in-store execution than to see it for yourself. Send out directives and assign tasks to request photos of specific displays. If something needs to be changed, give clear feedback by drawing directly on the photo, or by adding a comment.
Survey Stores
Get the info you need, fast. Use Foko Surveys to collect intel on any data point you need, from training, to sales, to store visit reports. Save time by creating survey templates if your team needs to complete the same surveys frequently.


Reporting and
Get up-to-the-minute reports on compliance levels across all stores so you can compare performance, identify weaknesses, and monitor the rollout of campaigns. Share Foko Reports with your leadership team to show progress.

Store Documents + Files

Say goodbye to digging through shared drives, downloads and email threads to find your files.
Centralize them all in one spot and store them securely with MyDocs. Organize your files by folder, and control who can see what.

Accessible From Anywhere

Foko Retail has fully featured native apps for iOS, Android and Web, so you can access it from anywhere. Whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere.

POS Integrations

Foko Retail has APIs, Webhooks and Active Directory integration to seamlessly work with your existing software ecosystem.

Make I.T. happy and keep your data secure

Foko Retail requires no I.T. infrastructure, just download our app on your mobile device or access it on your web browser. Foko is hosted with Amazon Web Services, the gold standard for secure cloud-based services.