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Improve execution in stores with Foko Retail’s easy-to-use, take-anywhere store audit software.

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What is Retail Audit Software?

Retail audit software helps managers, field reps, and store associates conduct mobile store visits and surveys. Doing so allows retailers to prevent out-of-stocks, ensure in-store merchandising, promotions, and prices are up-to-date, and guarantee directives get consistently carried out.

Still Doing Store Audits the Old Way?

Foko Retail’s store audit software automates the time-consuming process of capturing and analyzing results. It helps retailers make data-informed decisions to improve in-store execution and maximize sales.

Instead of waiting for emails to trickle in, we’re saving a significant amount of time on merchandising validation.

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  • Instantly Assign Audits

    Send surveys down to stores and field teams, so they can start collecting information and make adjustments when it matters.

  • Customize Surveys

    Paper forms and downloadable spreadsheets are static. With our retail audit software, assignees can alter questionnaires—even mid-season—and make them as specific as needed.

  • Get Visual Proof

    Our retail audit software lets users capture images and videos, and upload them to the platform straight from their smartphone or tablet, to help ensure accuracy and compliance.

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With Foko Retail, we can ensure that merchandising and marketing standards are being followed, even if the store is halfway around the world.

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Provide Feedback, Fast

Instantly follow up with field reps and stores in real time through two-way conversations, so your whole team is aligned, and nothing gets missed.

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See What’s Really Happening In-Store

Check the status of surveys and see the impact store execution is having on sales with a daily leaderboard of top performers when it comes to store audits and compliance.


Easily Revisit Previous Store Audits

Reference past survey results without digging through paper forms or digital spreadsheets. Foko Retail’s store audit software centralizes all of your data for immediate insights and analysis later on.

Retail Audit Software For Every Area of Execution

Shelves and Displays

Find out if products and prices are appropriately positioned and displayed correctly by conducting quick and easy mobile audits.

Seasonal Changes and Promotions

Find out if the right promotional materials are in place and ensure each seasonal item is getting its chance in the spotlight.

Store Presentation

Alert field reps and associates about what adjustments need to get made to improve the look, feel, and safety of your stores.