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Don’t have retail audit software in place to manage your store audits? Chances are your team isn’t being as efficient and accurate as they could be with their retail audits.


Still Doing Store Audits the Old Way?

For many retailers, store audits are still done the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper. Not only does that require a significant amount of paperwork, but time—to collect the data, transcribe it, and interpret the results. (And if it’s done by hand, who’s to say a few errors didn’t slip in during the process?) Conducting retail audits by email and downloadable spreadsheets isn’t much better, due to a lack of real-time insights, visibility, and decentralized information.

And what if you need to access that information immediately? Not a week, or a month, or a year from now, but right now? Depending on where your stores are located, that’s easier said than done.

That’s Where Retail Audit Software Comes In

Retail audit software automates the time-consuming process of capturing, analyzing, and distributing data to help retailers make data-informed decisions about their in-store execution and merchandising efforts. By doing so, retail audit software gives retailers peace of mind about their stores’ appearances. The added visibility helps ensure stores are brand consistent. And, if it’s mobile-friendly, retail audit software can be downloaded to any company phone or user’s mobile device, opening up the lines of communication between HQ and their stores, no matter where they’re located, while centralizing information on a single platform.


Conducting Store Audits is a Breeze With Foko Retail—Here Are Some of the Benefits of Using Our Retail Audit Software

Proof of Product Placement – A picture is worth a thousand words. Retail audit software lets users capture images of products and displays, and then upload it to the platform straight from their phone to help ensure merchandising accuracy in each brick-and-mortar location.

Improved Reaction Time – There are a lot of problems when it comes to conducting audits with paper forms, but perhaps the biggest one is the time it takes to send insights back up the chain to HQ. With a retail audit platform like Foko Retail, managers and supervisors can access that information instantly thanks to real-time communication.

Customizable Surveys – Paper forms and downloadable spreadsheets are static. With our retail audit software, assignees can alter questionnaires—even mid-season—and make them as specific as needed.


Store Audits Come in Many Forms—Here Are Some You Can Do with Foko Retail

Shelf and Display Audits – Find out if products are being appropriately positioned and their costs are being displayed correctly by conducting quick and easy audits.

Seasonal Audits – Depending on your industry, there are anywhere from six to 52 shopping seasons in a year. Use Foko Retail to find out if all your stores are promoting them properly.

Promotional Audits – In-store sales can change from one day to the next. Foko Retail makes it easy to find out if the right promotional materials are in place.

Store Appearance Audits – Even the best-managed stores can get messy and displays damaged, especially when it’s busy. Use Foko Retail to get a holistic view of your stores, and alert associates about what adjustments need to get done.



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