Foko Retail—the Reflexis alternative for engaged and focused teams

Join dozens of big-name retailers who have ditched their old
school tech for a more modern way to manage stores.

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‘90s Intranet-style software is slowing your team down

Retail tech that hasn’t evolved with the times is a pain to use. With a web-based interface, low mobile engagement and limited visibility into stores, platforms like Reflexis make reaching compliance in stores an uphill battle.

Hands coming together

…but with Foko Retail, your team can get everything done in real time

Foko Retail is the task management and communication tool that helps your team get it done. With native apps for mobile and sky-high engagement rates, Foko Retail is easy to use and allows your team to collaborate in real time.

We switched from Reflexis a couple of years ago and will never go back. The user experience of Foko Retail, the visibility we get into stores, how much easier it is to communicate and manage execution… it’s night and day.


Trade Web-Based Software For Mobile, Organized Store Management

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Reflexis is a jumble of tasks and communications

It’s hard to prioritize and stay on top of your workload when all to-dos and announcements look virtually the same. Store teams are inundated with notifications and have to always toggle between different tabs, making it easy to get overwhelmed and forget priorities.

Graphic of due today list

Foko Retail keeps your team

With a dashboard of all upcoming and
overdue tasks and an overview of
company communications ranked by
urgency, your team knows exactly what
needs to get done and stays plugged
into brand standards.

Our store teams have loved using Foko Retail, we’ve never had such strong engagement with any of our previous tools. It’s had a big impact on compliance


Ditch the Confusion of Multiple Tools for an All-in-One Platform

Reflexis has separate tools for everything

With different software for task management, reporting and workforce management, Reflexis has numerous tools that users have to maneuver between in order to get everything done.

With Foko Retail, you can manage it all in one place

From store audits, task management, and communications to document storage and analytics, Foko Retail gives your team one go-to spot for everything that needs to get done.

Switch to something more engaging, intuitive and useful.

Foko Retail doesn’t look or feel like other retail software, because it’s not like other retail software. It’s simple to use, highly visual, and as direct and instantaneous as Instagram or Whatsapp.

X icon Reflexis

  • X icon It’s hard to segment your teams based on job title, location or other criteria
  • X icon Intranet-style software isn’t very interactive, leading to low engagement
  • X icon Tasks and communications are indistinguishable making prioritizing is hard
  • X icon Off-the-clock employees can log in from anywhere, so it’s hard to control
  • X icon Users can’t submit photos and have to resort to using email, messaging apps and other tools
  • X icon Web-based software that isn’t a native app tends to be less responsive and slower
  • X icon Web-based software that isn’t a native app tends to be less responsive and slower

Check icon Foko Retail

  • Check icon Organize your team by channels, so they only see relevant content
  • Check icon It feels familiar and is very interactive, so store teams love it and log in often
  • Check icon Each team member knows exactly what tasks they’re responsible for completing
  • Check icon You can limit where your users can access Foko Retail, geofenced to specific store locations
  • Check icon Users can take photos and submit them straight from their mobile devices
  • Check icon With native apps for iOS, Android and Web, it’s fast, easy and fun to use
  • Check icon Tasks (whether surveys, photo requests, action items) are broken down into separate items

Great stores start with engaged, on-task teams

  • Easy setup
  • Fast onboarding
  • Worldclass support