Tell the Right Brand Story at Every Store

From merchandising to new campaigns and promotions, retailers need to keep visuals consistent at every location in order to deliver the right in-store experience.

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Align your team with brand standards, get them engaged in their daily tasks, and reach total compliance with every display.

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Get visibility into stores

Foko Retail gives you a window into what’s happening on the shop floor at every location so that you can see how they’re executing your directives.

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Assign tasks for stronger brand visuals

With Foko Tasks, your team in-store knows exactly what needs to get done every day. They can submit photos, do surveys, and complete action items—straight from their mobile devices.

Give feedback, share best practices, and communicate in real time

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Indicate where adjustments need to be made—even by drawing right on an image. If stores have questions, they can communicate back up the chain right away for clarification.

Since switching to Foko Retail, store-level compliance has improved significantly. In fact, the sale of products in our front windows is up by 25% now that displays look the way they should.

Visual Merchandising Manager,
Fuego Stores
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See a dashboard of store presentation and performance

With a comprehensive daily dashboard of your stores, you can see an overview of all upcoming and overdue tasks, important communications and a leaderboard of top performers.

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Measure compliance

With Foko Reports, you can take a deep dive into store performance with detailed analytics on compliance levels across stores and areas of improvement.

Why Foko Retail?

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One platform

With native apps for Android, iOS and Web, you can take it with you anywhere, whether on a tablet in-store, or a desktop at HQ.

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Eliminate legal risk

Limit user access to specific store locations, so they’ll never receive a notification once they’ve left work.

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Ease of use

Foko Retail is the most used mobile app for retail teams globally, with a daily user engagement rate of over 90% (that’s higher than Facebook!).