Align Your Whole Team, From HQ to Stores

Managing stores via email, intranets, and other outdated tech makes it tough to coordinate your team and get them engaged in company culture.

Foko Retail rolls all of your communications, documents, and best practices into one intuitive, associate-friendly app.

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Boost engagement with instant two-way communication

Get things done faster and communicate more efficiently between HQ, regional, field, and store teams.

Using any mobile device, tablet or computer, users can access the latest news, share visuals and documents, and have two-way conversations in real time.

Broadcast announcements and push content

Forget e-blasts and memos. With Foko Retail, you can broadcast news and company updates to the whole team, or just to specific groups.

Make sure users are only seeing content that is relevant to them by organizing your team into channels.

Control what your users can see and do

You have total control over your Foko Retail community, so you can limit what each user can view and interact with based on region, job type, or any other criteria.

Need to share sensitive information? We’ve got you covered with private channels, which can only be seen by those invited.

Foko Retail is our hub for all corporate communications. Everyone loves using it, so response times from stores and engagement with our team is way up. It’s night-and-day compared to when we used to use just email.

Retail Communication Manager
Kurt Geiger

Share documents and files

Upload and share any document or file, from PDFs and spreadsheets to photos and videos, and organize all of your content into folders.

With automatic versioning control, your team will only see the most up-to-date, HQ-approved information.

Verify who’s seen what, for more accountability

Make sure that nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in an email thread ever again.

With Foko Retail, you can validate which users have seen announcements, documents, and conversations.

Why Foko Retail?

One platform

With native apps for Android, iOS and Web, you can take it with you anywhere, whether on a tablet in-store, or a desktop at HQ.

Eliminate legal risk

Limit user access to specific store locations, so they’ll never receive a notification once they’ve left work.

Ease of use

Foko Retail is the most used mobile app for retail teams globally, with a daily user engagement rate of over 90% (that’s higher than Facebook!).

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