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Control Customer Flow In-Store with MyReservation

Keep Stores at Safe Occupancy Levels and Limit Interactions with Foko Retail’s Appointment Scheduling Tool

  • By Matthew Ritchie

Stores are slowly reopening around the world. But the threat of COVID-19 still lingers on. Retailers must maintain safe occupancy levels at each location to limit the spread in-store.

To reduce long lines and wait times and prevent overcrowding, we’ve developed a new tool that gives retailers more control of customer flow in-store and helps customers plan their visits accordingly.

With MyReservation, customers can schedule a time to come into a store and meet with an associate who can answer any questions about products and guide them around the store safely.

Foko Retail's MyReservation Screen

Here’s How MyReservation Works:

  • Customers download the app to their mobile device and open the application
  • They then choose a store location they’d like and available time slot
  • Once the appointment is confirmed, they’re able to visit at the selected location and time


With the online scheduling tool, store associates can keep track of visits in-store, and customers can rest easy knowing they’ll have a safe shopping experience every step of the way.


To learn more about MyReservation and the rest of the COVID Kit, click here or request a demo below.


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