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Skip the Lineup with MyQueue, Foko Retail’s Customer Queueing System

The Safest Way to Limit Wait Times and the Number of Customers In-Store

  • By Matthew Ritchie

Retailers are struggling to adapt to the new realities of in-store shopping. Social distancing measures and safety procedures are evolving every day. And no matter how many other retailers or states reopen, it seems each store faces its own unique set of challenges.

Despite the overall uncertainty, one thing is clear: limiting the number of customers in-store helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

The problem is stores can’t stay open in the long term if they don’t make enough sales. And for many physical retailers, e-commerce and online fulfillment aren’t enough to close the gap in the short term.

Introducing MyQueue, Foko Retail’s Customer Queueing System

MyQueue is the latest addition to the COVID Kit, a suite of resources and tools designed to help retailers navigate and adjust to the future of retail.

We created our new queue management software to help alleviate in-store lineups. Because while sales are important, right now, the health and safety of team members and customers is your number one priority.

Foko Retail MyQueue Screen

Here’s How It Works:

  • Customers use the remote queueing tool on their mobile devices to add themselves to a queue of shoppers at a select store
  • They get a number, indicating where they are in the queue, and see how many shoppers are ahead of them in line
  • Users then receive a notification that their turn has arrived, and are asked to confirm that they’re ready to enter the store within a couple of minutes
  • The customer then arrives at the store entrance, flashes the app, and is granted access for their turn to shop


It’s that simple. No lineups are necessary. 

MyQueue helps retailers serve customers efficiently while providing a safe, social distancing-friendly shopping experience without long wait times. 


To learn more about MyQueue and the rest of the COVID Kit, click here or request a demo below.


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