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Foko Retail Insights: How 2020 Taught Retail About the Importance of Internal Communications

(And Predictions for What Will Change in 2021)

  • By Sarah Murphy

The retail world was hit especially hard by COVID-19, and how businesses and brands reacted to the pandemic proved just how valuable a strong, flexible internal communication strategy can be.

Many companies have been unexpectedly thriving throughout the pandemic, in no small part because of the strength of their internal communications. While there’s no simple formula for success, there are characteristics that they all share—like providing information, reassurance, and support in times of crisis.

In our new report, Foko Retail Insights: How Internal Communications Changed Due to COVID-19 and What’s In Store for 2021, we share:

  • How Lowe’s commitment to transparency helped stores reduce stress and stay focused
  • Why Walmart has built a culture that values input from all levels of employees
  • Why IKEA turned to associates for creating content, and the effect it’s had
  • How Tapestry staff stay connected high-level supervisors and their CEO

This year has been trying for everyone in retail. Walk away from it with some valuable lessons by reading the full report below.


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