Apparel store manager holding a tablet while staring at store operations software on his computer

How to Improve Store Operations [2021 Guide]

In Our Latest Guide, We Show You How to Accomplish More In-Store and Hold Teams Accountable During this Difficult Time

  • By Matthew Ritchie

Retail has changed.

Over the past year, the world was rocked by COVID-19. Stores are still figuring out how to operate safely as the pandemic continues to unfold.

Consumer buying trends have shifted massively, thanks to the introduction and acceleration of curbside pickup and other fulfillment models.

Meanwhile, store teams have had to adapt by learning new systems and reconfiguring spaces on-the-go, all while grappling with new safety protocols, restrictions, and regulations.

There are more online orders to fulfil, more safety precautions to enforce, and more responsibilities than ever before. 

Yet, stores are often expected to operate with lower budgets, less time, and fewer employees available to them.

But knowing how to improve store operations is difficult. But you can accomplish more with less, even in these trying times.

In Foko Retail’s latest guide, we’ll show you how to improve your retail store operations and streamline your workflow, from HQ down to the store-level.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify issues that are affecting your store operations
  • Streamline audits and internal communications
  • Assign tasks more easily and hold teams accountable
  • Gain visibility into store-level and workload execution
  • Reduce employee turnover and boost engagement

…and more.


Download Foko Retail’s How to Improve Store Operations [2021 Guide]