Retail worker wiping down the counter with disinfectant

Learn How to Improve Retail Operations In Our New E-Book

  • By Sarah Murphy

The retail world was rocked by COVID-19 in 2020, and as businesses continue to navigate re-opening and operating safely in 2021, retail operations are undergoing massive changes.

In order to adapt to changing consumer patterns and safety protocols, the development of models like buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup has been accelerated and put into practice on the fly.

But the ongoing pandemic has also brought into focus the importance of streamlining retail ops by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies at the store level.

That’s why, In our latest e-book, we’re showing you how to improve store operations.

We’ll walk you through solutions to common in-store problems by showing you how to:

  • Better support regional and district managers
  • Streamline task management and store audits
  • Gain visibility into store-level operations
  • Reduce retail employee turnover rates
  • Identify which tools are slowing your frontline teams down

In our latest guide, we’ll also offer additional tips for improving store operations—like how to optimize inventory management and store layout, improve your conversion rate, and reduce shrinkage—in any retail environment.

To get all this and more, download Foko Retail’s latest e-book below.


Download Foko Retail’s How to Improve Store Operations [2021 Guide]