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7 Scary Good Halloween Window Display Ideas for 2020

Get in the Spooky, Seasonal Spirit with These Ghastly-Yet-Gorgeous Displays

  • By Sarah Murphy

Halloween will be very different this year thanks to the real-life scare that is COVID-19, but people still want to celebrate. Retailers shouldn’t shy away from getting into the seasonal spirit, and creative Halloween window display ideas are a great way to get festive and safely draw in customers.

Merchandising has been proven to boost sales, extend shopping times, and increase customer loyalty. And since window displays are the first thing shoppers see before they even enter your store, they’re crucial for making a great first impression.

By combining fun, eye-catching, or even terrifying visuals with your company’s latest products, you can give customers a delightful (or frightful) experience to match the season.

Below, see some inspiring Halloween window display ideas from retailers around the world—hopefully, they inspire you to create something similarly frighteningly festive this October.

Scary Good Halloween Window Display Ideas for 2020


Bergdorf Goodman (New York, NY)

Luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman paid homage to Guillermo del Toro’s 2015 film Crimson Peak that same year, giving horror a high-fashion twist.

Their Halloween window display is a perfect example of picking a specific theme and running with it—the film inspired everything from the backdrops to the props to the mannequins’ outfits. Plus, it showed off statement pieces from Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and Valentino.


British Red Cross Shops (Liverpool, UK)

Sustainable fashionistas and thrifters on a budget were given quite a fright by the British Red Cross Shop in Liverpool last year with a recreation of Tim Burton’s 1988 film Beetlejuice. The story-telling and attention to detail were spectacular, and the scene surely drew in shoppers on the hunt for last-minute DIY costumes. No matter what you sell, drawing inspiration from classic Halloween and horror movies can boost brand recognition and help get customers into the holiday spirit.


Sonic Boom (Toronto, ON)

Albums aren’t dead! Beloved Toronto record store Sonic Boom blended its collection to create a Halloween window display that celebrated R.E.M.’s reissue of the appropriately titled album Monster by creating a backdrop out of 400 used copies of the CD. As if that wasn’t a big enough statement, they threw in a giant blue furry monster for an on-theme focal point.

By using color blocking, stores can stand out from the competition. Try shades and hues of orange, black, purple, green, red, and white to transform your Halloween window displays into a spooktacular sight.


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Dylan’s Candy Bar (New York, NY)

Everyone knows the most important part of Halloween is candy. But Dylan’s Candy Bar took it to the next level by using their products to create a sugary, rainbow-colored graveyard.

It’s attention-grabbing, at the customers’ eye level, and most importantly, shows off the candy shop’s wide array of sweet treats.

To boost seasonal sales, try to show off a wide-ranging assortment, so customers are tempted to pick up more than one item once they’re inside.


Grandin Road at Macy’s (New York, NY)

Decor company Grandin Road nailed it with their 2016 Halloween pop-up shop display in Macy’s, toeing the line between creepy and couture. Bold prints, optical illusions, and adorably morbid skeleton dogs let shoppers know that Grandin Road are experts in the decorating field.

But you don’t have to be a pro to play with perspective—experiment with different vantage points to take your window displays to hauntingly new heights.


Soda Pop Displays (Various locations)

For everyday retailers like supermarkets, there might not be a ton of seasonal (or non-perishable) products to play with, and space inside store windows is often limited. But you can still have lots of festive fun with visual merchandising around the store.

For years now, stores have been creating displays with colorful boxes of canned soda pop. Visually arresting and unexpected for folks on a quick grocery run, there are endless options for Halloween scenes to recreate.

Think outside the box when constructing your displays—there’s more to Halloween than just pumpkins.


Orange Pekoe Teas (London, UK)

No stranger to intricately painted seasonal windows, this tea shop didn’t disappoint with their 2018 Halloween display. The silhouette of a witch against an ornate moon is as spooky as it is beautiful, and definitely catches the eye of passers-by looking to warm up with a hot drink. As a bonus, the shop even offers some Halloween-themed treats inside.

One of the oldest tricks in the book, seasonal storefront window painting is a treat for customers and adds a bit of old-timey flair to holiday shopping. A lost art, seasonal window painting may be just what you need to make your Halloween window display ideas come to life.


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