How Diesel Reach Visual Merchandising Compliance Faster with Foko Retail [Case Study]

Founded in 1978, Italian retail clothing company Diesel has become a household name thanks to its unfettered innovation and bold designs. The apparel brand has over 5,000 points of sale worldwide—37 of which are located in the U.S.

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Back in 2014, the Diesel HQ team was using a desktop-based software solution that was built in-house to review photos of window displays and visual merchandising campaigns.

A photo uploading platform with basic commenting capabilities, it required the team to still use email and WhatsApp to communicate and reach compliance. The process was time-consuming and inefficient, making it difficult to effectively give feedback on execution.

With 400 stores to manage globally, as well as various points of sale in outlets, department stores, and wholesale businesses worldwide, Diesel’s travelling store teams needed a more streamlined way to get to compliance and manage follow-ups.

Due to a lack of functionality and heavy costs associated with updating the software, as well as wasted time spent switching between the in-house solution, email, and messaging apps, the Diesel team began looking for one tool to consolidate and solve their internal communication and task management needs.


For their team of visual merchandisers, Diesel was looking for a tool that would help them increase visibility into stores, as well as easily share photos and best practices, while also increasing engagement and alignment across countries. 

“For a global brand like Diesel, it is so important to have a tool like Foko Retail so we can ensure brand consistency across all of our stores and points of sale,” says Helen Barrett, Visual Merchandising Manager Global at Diesel.

That’s why, in 2016, the Diesel team rolled out Foko Retail to assign tasks to stores, collect photos of windows and displays, provide feedback, and collaborate with their team members.

“For us, it was essential to partner with an external provider that had expertise in the retail arena and already had the technology and software functionalities in place, so we could focus on deploying and using the software rather than developing it ourselves,” she says. 

“After lots of research, we found Foko Retail to be the most suitable provider not only because it was easy to use and navigate, but it also had a look and feel that felt similar to other apps our teams were used to using in their everyday lives, so we felt the training needed would be minimal.”

We have literally saved hours every time we need to find photos for a report. [We’re] no longer checking between email, WhatsApp, or our old photo-sharing system—we can quickly search for photos and produce reports in minutes.”

Helen Barrett, Visual Merchandising Manager Global at Diesel


Increased Visibility and Brand Consistency, with Less Time Managing Store-Level Activities

Using Foko Retail has helped Diesel significantly streamline the visual merchandising approval process, reduce time spent giving feedback, and vastly enhance visibility into store-level activities and displays.

Thanks to the reduced need for following up via email, communication between HQ, the local visual teams, and their stores has improved, and Diesel is spending less time validating displays and reaching compliance.

“We have literally saved hours every time we need to find photos for a report,” says Barrett. “[We’re] no longer checking between email, WhatsApp, or our old photo-sharing system—we can quickly search for photos and produce reports in minutes.”

Here Are Some Key Results:


– At the local level, sending feedback is no longer a daily activity and only takes 1-2 hours a week

– Sending feedback from HQ only takes 1-2 hours a week (as opposed to one or two days a week)

– Additionally, Diesel is saving one hour per day on emails and follow-ups

“Store photos aren’t just stuck in one or two people’s inboxes,” says Barrett. “The increased visibility has meant that our store teams have really stepped up and taken even more care of presentations and displays.”

What’s Next for Diesel?

“We’re really excited to be upgrading our subscription with Foko in 2021, particularly for the task management and dashboard features,” says Barrett. “These will be really key in helping us to manage our activities in the challenging times that lay ahead for the retail industry.”