Shopping cart being cleaned during COVID-19

[Free Template] COVID-19 Retail Store Cleaning Checklist

Everyday Steps and Guidance for Disinfecting Your Stores

  • By Matthew Ritchie

Stores may be reopening around the world, but the COVID-19 crisis is far from over.

Retailers must impose stringent cleaning guidelines and ensure they’re enforced in all locations to help prevent the spread in-store and limit the chances of transmission.

Keep your store teams and customers safe by using this COVID-19 retail store cleaning checklist when crafting your standard operating procedure and guidelines internally. 

As always, consult local medical authorities in the areas you operate in, so stores stay up to date on changes to cleaning guidelines and recommendations—we’ve included a few resources at the bottom of the page to get you started.


COVID-19 Store Cleaning Guidelines

Step 1: Clean surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting

Step 2: Disinfect with EPA approved products

Step 3: Throw out gloves and any disposable products after use

Step 4: Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer


COVID-19 Retail Store Cleaning Checklist


Store Entrances and Exits 

□ Doorknobs / Handles / Touch Bars

□ Door Windows

□ Push to Open Buttons



□ Shopping Carts

□ Baskets


Store Interiors

□ Light Switches

□ Entryways

□ Floors

□ Heat and Air Conditioner Vents

□ Trash and Recycling Receptacles

□ Handrails (Stairs and Escalators)

□ Horizontal Surfaces (Countertops, Shelves, Displays, etc.)



□ Doorknobs / Handles / Touch Bars

□ Mirrors

□ Hooks / Clothing Racks

□ Seats / Stools / Benches


Customer Washrooms

□ Doorknobs / Handles / Touch Bars

□ Door Windows

□ Push to Open Buttons

□ Sinks and Faucets

□ Soap Dispensers

□ Paper Towel Dispensers / Hand Dryers

□ Urinal Flush Valves

□ Toilet Door Handles

□ Toilet Seats

□ Toilet Flusher Handles

□ Toilet Paper Dispensers

□ Floors


Backroom and Break Areas

□ Computers and Smart Devices

□ Stocking Equipment

□ Doorknobs / Handles / Touch Bars

□ Shared Washrooms

□ Sinks and Faucets

□ Chairs and Tables

□ Kitchen Equipment (Microwaves, Fridge Door Handles, etc.)


Checkout Areas

□ Cash Registers

□ Price Scanners

□ Pre-authorized Debit Machines

□ Plexiglass Cashier Shields


Self-Checkout Areas (if applicable)

□ POS Touchscreen Terminals

□ Pre-authorized Debit Machines


Additional Recommendations for Cleaning and Disinfecting Stores:

  • Stores should be cleaned every four hours (or as frequently as possible), depending on the number of customers
  • High-touch areas (such as door handles, touch screens, shopping carts, and pre-authorized debit machines) should be cleaned as frequently as possible
  • Provide disposable wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer at entranceways, near shopping carts and baskets, and at cash registers
  • Frequently refill bottles of hand sanitizer and soap dispensers
  • Regularly empty garbage and recycling receptacles


Additional Resources for Retailers:

Local Health Department Directory (NACCHO)

State Resources for Retailers on COVID-19 (NRF)

Coronavirus Resources for Retailers (NRF)

COVID-19 Resources for Retailers (RILA)

Businesses and Workplaces | COVID-19 (CDC)


Sources for Foko Retail’s COVID-19 Store Cleaning Guidelines and Checklists:

COVID-19 Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting with Checklist Recommendations for Retailers (RCC)

Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection for COVID-19 For Retail Stores (New York State Department of Health)

Clothing and Retail Guidelines (Government of Saskatchewan)

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility (CDC)


For more tools and templates to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in your stores, visit to access more resources.