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Retail worker holding a tablet while conducting a store audit

How to Write and Conduct a Store Visit Report

Store visits and audits are necessary for assessing the effectiveness of your stores. Here’s how to properly create and conduct one.

Corporate retail employee working from home on a laptop during the COVID-19 pandemic

Opinion: Navigating Corporate Retail’s Return to Work Requires Flexibility

Foko Retail's Director of Customer Success discusses the pros and cons of remote work and whether or not now is the right time to go back to the office.

Store associate spring cleaning

Tidying Up: Spring Cleaning Tips for Retail Stores

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for retailers to reset and refresh. Here are some tips to make the process as organized, useful, and fun as possible.

Young female retail professional reaching for a book on retail management in a library

10 Books Every Retail Leader Should Read

Whether you’re looking for the best books on retail strategy, retail management, or just looking for something to read, these books are bound to inspire.

Two retail workers doing a store walkthrough

How to Identify Store-Level Inefficiencies in Retail

Learn techniques to identify store-level inefficiencies and time-wasting tasks that are preventing your stores from reaching their potential.

Female store associate using a retail task management system on a tablet in a boutique

5 Signs You’re Using an Outdated Retail Task Management System

Find out if your outdated retail task management system is holding your team back from reaching their full potential and improving sales

Male retail worker looking at car rims while holding a clipboard

How to Conduct a Retail Compliance Audit

It can be tricky to keep everyone on the same page, especially across dozens or hundreds of stores. That’s where retail compliance audits come in. Learn why they're beneficial to retailers.

Associate following a retail store closing checklist and shutting a gate

How to Create a Retail Store Opening and Closing Checklist

A retail store opening and closing checklist is one of the most effective ways to keep your frontline teams on track. Here's how to make one that'll actually get followed.

Retail employees looking at a phone display in a telecommunication store

Increase Employee Engagement with Our New Guide for Retailers

To help retailers who are struggling with their store team engagement, we’ve created a definitive guide to engaging store-level employees. Click here to download it.

Retail worker wiping down the counter with disinfectant

Learn How to Improve Retail Operations In Our New E-Book

In our latest e-book, we’ll show you how to improve retail operations by walking you through solutions to common in-store problems.