Stay Informed With Our Retail Store Daily Operations Checklist

Keeping track of what’s happening in your stores is hard, especially when retailers have to manage multiple locations across different regions, districts, and territories. 

That’s where having a checklist for overseeing retail store operations and ensuring they’re getting completed correctly comes in.

With a retail store daily operations checklist, retailers and brands can make sure stores are following brand guidelines when it comes to retail store cleaning procedures, general upkeep, training, and daily responsibilities. Not only that but having a proper retail audit checklist in place at each of your stores gives retailers better visibility and insights into how their stores are operating daily.

We created a retail store daily operations checklist for retailers that want to get better control over their store operations. Check it out below and, if you’re a retailer or brand, feel free to copy, print, or make changes to it as you see fit to serve your organization better.

And if you’d like a full copy for sharing with your store teams or saving to your mobile device, go to the bottom of the page to download your free copy.


Foko’s Retail Store Daily Operations Checklist


General Cleaning and Upkeep

Are shopping carts and/or baskets available near the store entranceway?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are aisles clean and free of obstructions?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are aisles/sections labeled appropriately and easy to navigate?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Has the floor been swept and mopped?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Is signage current and promotions up-to-date on the sales floor?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Is the store lighting working correctly (e.g., no burnt out bulbs or flickering lights)?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are fixtures, countertops, displays, and products clean and dust free?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Has garbage and recycling been taken out?  Yes ☐  No ☐

(If applicable) is the public washroom clean?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Is the back office and (if applicable) staff breakroom/kitchen clean?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Any additional comments, questions, or areas that need improvement?


Ongoing Product Maintenance

Are all products clean and presentable?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are products priced correctly and stocked appropriately?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Is extra inventory stocked nearby?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Is back stock organized and labeled correctly?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are all merchandise displays clean and dust free?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are all discounted/sales products clearly marked?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Any additional comments, questions, or areas that need improvement?


POS Upkeep

Is/are the cash wrap(s) clean and uncluttered?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Is sales/promotions collateral (i.e., printed flyers, coupons, etc.) neatly organized and easily accessible to customers?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are regular deposits being made?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Do the deposit slips have the required signature(s)?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Any additional comments, questions, or areas that need improvement?


Human Resources and Training

Are all staffing schedules up-to-date and on display?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Do all employees have adequate uniforms, name tags, and relevant gear?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Have all new employees completed basic training?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Do new/current employees have access to the most recent training manuals and/or best practice channels?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are employees greeting customers when they enter a store?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are staff following corporate guidelines and signing out/logging hours?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Do store associates understand their workplace health and safety rights?  Yes ☐  No ☐

Are safety tips and health and safety guidelines made available to employees and located in the backroom?  Yes ☐  No ☐

When was the last staff meeting?

When is the next staff meeting (and is it currently scheduled)?

Any additional comments, questions, or areas that need improvement?


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