Introducing Foko Retail’s New Geofencing Capability

In many states, there are legal ramifications if an employee uses their personal device for work. Any time spent checking a corporate app on their own device can be considered as time spent working — hence, overtime and data connectivity costs are a liability for many companies.

That’s why in the past we often saw Foko Retail restricted to a corporate device, limiting your ability to engage with your frontline team.

With our new geofencing capability, that problem is solved in the most elegant way possible, and there’s no need to get your IT team involved.

Here’s How Foko Retail’s New Geofencing Capability Works


During the community setup, we already upload your store locations with their respective geolocation. When a user opens the app, we verify that they are within a respectable radius of a store. If they are, then the Foko Retail app works in all its glory. But, if the user is outside of a store radius, then the Foko Retail app cannot be accessed from their personal device. (Even push notifications are turned off when outside the geofence — this is also true if a user leaves a store’s radius.)

This feature can be enabled for some users within your community, while others can be given the right to access Foko Retail from anywhere on this planet — all you have to do is go to the Admin Panel to make exceptions.

With Geofencing, Use Foko Retail on Personal Devices📱 — No Legal or Security Risks Involved


If you want to learn more about this capability, I’m here to help. Just holla at me 🙋 —