4 Ways Foko Retail Helps Pharmacies Manage In-Store Execution

As a provider of life-saving, and injury and illness preventing medicine and treatments, pharmacies are an integral part of any community. But as profit margins of prescriptions continue to drop across the industry, many retailers are diversifying their product offerings and services and attempting to deliver the best possible customer experience.

That’s because pharmacies are no longer just places to buy medicine, but one-stop shops customers visit to score deals on beauty and personal care products, grab groceries, cleaning, and office supplies, and learn more about their health (increasingly in the form of general screenings and lab tests) and how to improve their quality of life.

To succeed in the industry, pharmacies must be helpful in more ways than one, offering customers everything they need (and need to know) while seamlessly guiding them along the way.

A lot of that comes down to the people in your stores, but also how things appear in them.

As any pharmacy proprietor knows, customers are more than just consumers, but people with essential wants and needs. And everything in your stores, from associates to layouts to product placements, is meant to serve them and is an extension of your chain’s overall responsibility to assist and care for the public.

But for retailers managing multiple locations and even more employees, communicating with stores and making sure they’re connecting with customers (and executing job duties on time) is a drag, especially without the right retail communication software in place.


How Foko Retail Helps Pharmacies Streamline Communications, and Get Stuff Done


1. Manage Tasks and In-Store Execution 📋

Making a good first impression is always important in business, especially in the health industry. When shelves look sloppy, aisles are untidy, and things are hard to find behind and over the counter, it sends a message to customers that your business doesn’t put a lot of effort into its appearances. And how are they supposed to trust you with their health if you can’t go the extra mile to keep stores clean, up-to-date, and in order?

With Foko Tasks, drugstores chains can keep daily retail operations running smoothly by assigning tasks and surveys, and requesting photos, so they always know what’s happening in stores, regardless of their location.

If something doesn’t look right (like product displays and in-store signage), users can provide feedback—and even draw right on a photo—so store associates know exactly what needs changing and how to do it.

And Foko Retail provides detailed insights on store-level execution so pharmacies can measure the impact of all their in-store merchandising and marketing initiatives, gauge if stores are compliant, and identify areas in need of improvement. That way, retailers can keep track of their stores and deliver the best possible customer experience at a glance, whether it’s behind the pharmacy counter or out in the shopping aisles.


2. Train Store Associates So They’re an Extension of Your Pharmacy Team 👩‍⚕️

Customers visit pharmacies for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to pick up a prescription, a greeting card for a loved one, or some movie-night snacks. But the key to any successful drugstore or pharmacy is the relationship it builds with its customers.

Retailers can use Foko Retail to provide in-depth training to its store teams so they’re better equipped to answer any questions customers may have about over-the-counter medicine (or supplements), help them find certain products, and even upsell (if something at a higher cost meets their needs better).

Foko Retail can also be used to send and share retail store operations checklists, and even test store associates’ knowledge of products and procedures through digital surveys.

That way, pharmacists can stay focused on delivering the best service to customers, and store associates can provide insights and advice, too.


3. Streamline Communication 💬

Foko Retail lets you communicate one-on-one with stores, associates, and managers, as well as in group chat, and broadcast announcements to your whole organization. That way, you can share all the important information your teams need to know about—like drug recalls, new in-store marketing campaigns, and merchandising guidelines—in a snap.

And Foko Retail is mobile-first and designed off of modern social media like Facebook and Instagram, so it’s easy to communicate with store associates and vice versa, even when they’re on the sales floor stocking shelves or helping customers.


4. Share and Store Important Documents, Securely 📝

Whether it’s spreadsheets, PDFs, Word Docs, videos, photos, or anything else your team may need to read about or refer to while doing their job, Foko Retail’s My Docs helps pharmacy chains safely store and share information internally.

Foko Retail offers unlimited storage, so you never need to worry about upgrading, and administrators can set permissions about who can view certain files and track who’s seen what so stores are held accountable and corporate information never falls into the wrong hands.



For pharmacy and drugstore chains, the success of their business relies upon the relationships they build with customers, and how they while feel shopping in your stores, at the dispensary and beyond. To deliver the best possible service to their customers, retailers need to focus on delivering a brand consistent, informative, and easygoing in-store experience.

To learn how Foko Retail can help you better manage retail operations and HQ-to-store communication to better the customer experience, book a demo today 👇