5 Ways Foko Retail Helps You Reach Merchandising Compliance Faster

In today’s retail environment, where e-commerce keeps expanding and stores continue to shrink (or shut down completely), delivering a brand consistent in-store experience at every location is more important than ever.

But that’s hard to do when stores are spread out across cities, states, and even countries, and there’s a clear separation between HQ, stores, and field teams. That’s because the communication tools we use during our daily workday (think email, messaging apps, etc.) weren’t designed with retailers and mind, and the ones that were aren’t that much better.

Often times, higher-ups are unable to see if directives are being implemented properly in all their stores, and stores and field team members are unable to clarify directions due to communication gaps caused by clogged inboxes and wasted time spent tracking superiors over smartphones and outdated apps.

Enough is enough.

Here are five ways we’re helping retailers and brands save time on merchandising compliance with our all-in-one retail execution solution.


1. Centralize Communication

When you’re overseeing a large number of stores, it’s important to have one centralized and secure path for communication. That way, HQ and stores can stay directly in touch with one another, and conversations can be tracked and referenced later on should any issues arise.

Still, a surprising number of retailers around the world still rely on a mishmash of outdated, archaic forms of communication—like email, texts, phone calls, messaging apps, and intranets—to communicate with HQ and verify that tasks were completed correctly.

Foko Retail consolidates all of those methods onto a single platform, centralizing all visual and text-based communication in one spot, so retailers can ensure that messages are being received and directives are being implemented.


2. Give Visual Feedback, Instantly

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

With Foko Retail, users at the ground level can upload photos of displays, store shelves, and promotions, and HQ can markup images right in the app. It not only allows you to get total visibility into stores but also clearly communicate the corrections that need to be made, doing away with the need for shared drives and intranets to store photos.


3. Assign Tasks and Monitor Their Progress

Sending out directives on tools that aren’t made for retail (i.e. email, messaging apps) or top-down, form-based communication platforms (like intranets and legacy retail software) has many limitations.

Foko Retail, on the other hand, lets you create custom tasks and surveys depending on your team’s workflow, allowing your team to speed through store audits, merchandising changeovers, daily assignments related to store upkeep, and more. Managers and supervisors at headquarters can monitor their progress in real time, and react quickly based on the time-sensitive information they receive.


4. Get Detailed Analytics on Stores

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data,” Sherlock Holmes said in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1887 detective novel A Study in Scarlet. “It biases the judgment.”

Nearly 150 years later, the words still ring true.

Without accurate data, retailers are blind to the overall health of their stores and their ability to reach merchandising compliance.

Foko Retail lets admins access in-depth insights on your store execution strategy by highlighting task completion rates, progress, and areas in need of improvement. Think of it as a report card for your stores—you can tell which stores are brand consistent and who needs a boost from a single dashboard, and then connect with stores to ensure compliance gets met.


5. Share and Store Reference Documents, Guidelines and Best Practices

Visual merchandising guidelines can be different from store-to-store, season-to-season.

Rather than letting your team sift through reams of documents to find out what’s most relevant to them, Foko Retail lets you share information directly to individual users, as well as store-specific and job-specific channels. PDFs and documents can be uploaded directly to My Docs, and files are easily found through the search bar for reference later on.



Reaching merchandising compliance at each store doesn’t have to be an elusive goal.

Find out how Foko Retail has helped 60+ retailers and brands with their merchandising compliance, communication, and store management needs with our merchandising compliance software by getting in touch with our Customer Success team at customer@fokoretail.com.