New RIS Study Finds the True Cost of Improper Store Execution

Is Your HQ-to-Store Communication Hurting Sales?

Improper store execution can cost retailers millions of dollars in lost revenue—$3.7 million on average, to be precise.

That’s the major takeaway from RIS News’ latest Targeted Research report in partnership with Foko Retail.

We wanted to know how poor in-store merchandising, missed deadlines, and restocking failures were impacting retailers’ bottom line. Suffice to say, the results were astounding, and speak to the increased pressure associates and managers face on a daily basis to deliver a brand consistent shopping experience.

Download the free study here to find out what types of store-level merchandising compliance issues retailers are facing. And, if those problems sound all too familiar, click the link below to set up a demo with the Foko Retail team to learn how you can better manage execution and HQ-to-store communication. (You can also get in touch with our Customer Success team at