Here’s How To Tell If Your Store Management Tech Sucks

Improper in-store execution can make or break any major retailer. But more often than not retailers have no idea what their stores actually look like, due to outdated communication methods with long feedback loops that make executing brand vision a pain.

Making matters worse, the tech most retailers use to communicate with stores tends to be very top-down, making it hard for stores to communicate back up the chain to clarify instructions or get timely approval of tasks.

Think about your day-to-day for a second: how many minutes do you spend communicating via email? How about on the phone? Social media? Messenger platforms (like WhatsApp)? What about over text?

That’s a lot of wasted hours. Frankly, validating compliance and connecting with team members about what needs to get done shouldn’t take so long.

But, when it comes to sharing information from HQ-to-stores, there’s no bigger timesuck than using an intranet.

If the word “intranet” sends a shiver down your spine, that’s because you probably have some not-so-fond memories of long load times, impossible to navigate directories, outdated information, and clutter (and lots of it).

Sadly, for a lot of retailers, they may not even know they’re using an intranet, or are using software modelled on it, and that’s a problem—especially as more and more millennials are entering the workforce and expecting tech that is as multifunctional and responsive as they are.

That’s why we’ve created a handy checklist to help retailers and brands figure out if they’ve been using outdated tech to manage their stores.

Check it out below. And then, when you’re ready to step into the 21st century and use a retail execution platform and mobile merchandising app that fits all your needs, drop us a line.