Introducing My Docs: Foko Retail’s Centralized and Secure Document Management Feature

When it comes to managing teams across different regions, departments and stores, being organized is key. But it’s hard to be efficient and effective with your store management if you’re stuck digging through email threads, shared drives, and intranets looking for specific files or photos to help get the job done.

Thankfully, we’re making it easier for retailers and brands to store their documents in one centralized, secure, and accessible place with Foko Retail’s new document management feature: My Docs. Now, all your team’s files—from directives and visual merchandising aids, to training materials and spreadsheets, videos, guides and more—are readily available. My Docs makes it easy to empower your team from HQ to store by giving them access to all of the documents and info they need at their fingertips.


With My Docs, you can:
  • Get real-time access to all your files, whether you’re on mobile or desktop
  • Choose which users can read, upload, or publish documents and files to your community
  • Create folders to match your individual community’s needs, whether they need access to best practices, marketing materials, training docs, HR files, or facility information
  • Easily search for files
  • Share documents and files from anywhere within your Foko community—simply go to a channel, create a new post, and select what you want to share


To get more information on My Docs or to see a product walkthrough, get in touch with our Customer Success team at