Amazon Just Put 40,000 Plants in its New Offices — Here’s What Visual Merchandisers Can Learn From the Move

In 2008, the world’s population experienced a monumental change — more people were officially living in cities than rural communities. And although urban life has many benefits, the sense of solitude that comes with living in the countryside (generally) isn’t one of them.

That’s something, Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos was aware of, which is why he decided to put 40,000 plants in his company’s new offices.

Nestled in downtown Seattle, The Spheres — Amazon’s recently opened, three-domed hub — feature treehouse meeting rooms for employees, a four-story living wall, rivers and waterfalls, 400 species of plants (from five different continents and 50 countries), and a 55-foot-tall tree nicknamed Rubi, which had to be lifted by crane and dropped through a hole in one of the buildings’ roofs this past summer.

The seven-years-in-the-making project isn’t the product of an impulsive CEO, but another example of how the e-commerce giant is using data to its advantage.

Studies show that spending time in “biophilic” environments like The Spheres can help offset many of the negative effects associated with living in an urban setting by increasing attention spans, reducing physical signs of stress, boosting creativity, enhancing productivity, and decreasing negative thoughts.

In short, people who are around green things (like the ones found in nature) feel better.

With that in mind, here are a few ways visual merchandisers can soothe the customer experience by creating calming, colorful displays that feel straight out of a forest.


1. Go (Totally) Green

Monochromatic color schemes — like this vivid window display (below) captured at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC — can make a beautiful, bold statement. It’s a total feast for the senses, powerful without feeling overpowering, and easy to recreate.


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2. Get Playful with Plants

Whether real or fake, a bit of foliage can brighten up any clothing rack, mannequin or storefront. (We’re big fans of this shoe display, which used well-placed bouquets to give a few heels a bit of a lift, as well as this window display — below — that utilized household ferns to fantastic effect.)


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3. Show Some Sprouts This Spring

You don’t have to grow a full forest to spruce up your displays. Try using succulents, like KREWE did with one of their sunny, in-store walls. Or, for those even more artistically inclined, think a bit bigger and try supersizing your store windows (like Hermes did in Tokyo — see below) with some minimalist (but impressive) burgeoning buds.


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