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Kurt Geiger store footwear wall with big red couches

Kurt Geiger

With Foko Retail, Converse has a direct, two-way line to global partner markets, allowing them to easily communicate with retail teams all over the world.

Retail employee with a mask during Covid-19

How to Communicate with Retail Teams During the COVID-19 Crisis

Need a COVID-19 communication plan, but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled research-backed tips to help retailers who need to communicate fast.

Retail team communicating in an internal meeting with laptops and notepads

6 Tips for Streamlining Internal Retail Store Communications

Here’s how retailers can see what’s happening in their stores and get stuff done with retail communication software and communication management tools.

Smart retail device in a retail store

5 Retail Buzzwords We Hate in Brick-and-Mortar

Retail buzzwords get a bad rap. The problem occurs when they get overused to the point of becoming cliché. Here are five we never want to hear again.

Five Below storefront

Why Five Below is Beating Other Discount Brands at the Retail Game

Despite struggles throughout the retail industry, discount and dollar stores are still going strong. Here’s how Five Below rose above the rest.

Indigo Storefront

What Retail Can Learn From Indigo, the Cultural Department Store

The Canadian bookstore chain (and Foko Retail customer) just experienced its most profitable year yet, and is expanding into the United States.

Forever 21 Storefront in Japan

Forever 21’s Fade Should Worry More than Just Fast-Fashion

Too many locations and shifting customer tastes lead to the retailer’s end. Foko Retail’s Wayne Selman explains what retailers can learn from it.

Girl in a telecommunication store looking at an iPhone device

3 Ways Foko Retail Helps Telecom Stores Manage their Teams

Here’s how Foko Retail helps CSPs streamline communication, simplify retail store operations, and train associates to sell better.

Four millennials laughing together

How to Manage Millennials: 5 Things Retailers Need to Know

Want to learn how to manage millennials in the workplace? If you work in the retail industry, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Retail apparel storefront in a busy shopping mall

8 of the Biggest Misconceptions About the Retail Industry

We’re separating the myths from reality, facts from fiction, in our latest blog post. Here’s what everyone gets wrong about brick-and-mortar retail.