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Who We Are
Always learning and being better at what we do is at the core of our values. It requires the humility to recognize our weaknesses; the grit and focus to push through roadblocks; and it requires hard work. These are traits that can be found in all Fokers.
Marc Gingras


We’re a tight-knit, passionate team, building a product that's changing the way retailers operate.

We offer a collaborative work environment that values transparent decision making, learning from our mistakes, and above all, thinking clearly. If you want to live the life of a fast-growing, ambitious tech startup that cares about our team, product and customers, you’ve come to the right place.

We believe in open communication, delivering more than we promise, and constantly improving ourselves and our product. We offer a ton of team building, professional development and growth opportunities. We know that as a company we want to constantly evolve, and we can better achieve our goals if we offer an environment that supports continuous learning and personal projects.

Culture is really
important to us.
No, really.

Check out our CEO Marc Gingras’ Startup Culture Diaries series on Betakit if you want to know more about our culture philosophy.

Who You Are

You’re a passionate, adaptable team player with great communication skills. You take pride in every aspect of your work and past employers would describe you as a rockstar in your field. You’re enterprising, dedicated, and caffeinated.

Sound like you? We’d love to meet with you to chat about why you’d be a great fit for the Foko team.

How We Help You Grow

  • Bursaries to attend industry events
  • Individual mentorship for every team member
  • Professional development opportunities


  • Competitive salary and benefits packages
  • Flexible hours
  • Lunchtime Netflixing
  • A pack of adorable office dogs
  • Stocked craft beer fridge
  • Team sports
  • Movie nights
  • Quarterly team building events (so far we’ve done  horseback riding, ziplining, beach BBQs, gaming  tournaments, hackathons, etc)
  • Informal atmosphere (jeans and tees encouraged!)


Sales Representative

Help Us Grow!

Foko is looking for an energetic results-driven person to help grow our sales organization.  You will be starting on the ground floor of a new tech start-up.  We want to grow, and for this, we need your help!

We know our target companies and buyer roles, we have a great story and now we need your help to reach them. The Sales Representative will play a valuable role in achieving Foko’s growth objectives. The successful candidate will be a team player who is able to work effectively alone, as well as part of a team.

You don’t need tech-specific sales experience to do well at Foko. Others that have been successful in this role have come from varied sales backgrounds where they excelled – like real estate, retail sales associate and barista. If you’ve got a passion for sales and a track record of success, we want to hear from you.


  • Identify potential Foko customers through social and other web channels
  • Manage the sales process from discovery through to negotiation and closing
  • Develop and maintain a pipeline of qualified opportunities and maintain accurate sales forecasts
  • Build and maintain consultative relationships with C-Level executives
  • Formulate new business strategies and implement tactical plans to achieve the assigned quota


Skills and Experience:
  • Highly organized, keeps track of her/his to do list. Basically someone that makes list when they go grocery shopping.
  • Highly result oriented and drives to surpass corporate objectives.
  • Excitement and enthusiasm about the offering and the problem we solve
  • Expertise using social media services like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Strong communicator – email and phone
  • Sales experience (enough to know you love the work)


Why Foko?

If you want to live the life of a fast paced tech startup, you’ve come to the right spot. We’re a tight-knit team that’s changing how retailers operate, from the inside out. Company culture is really important to us (we live by the mantra “It’s not what you’re working on, it’s who you’re working with”), and are passionate about our product, customers, and team. Perks include office fluffy doggos, a stocked beer fridge, flexible hours and more.

Please send us your resume and cover letter to

Android Developer


Grab a coffee and join your team stand-up. Fill the team in on your progress from yesterday and what you’re going to tackle today. Open your favourite IDE (Android Studio, right?) and start your next task. Later, pepper the product team with questions, comments, and scenarios on some upcoming specs. Head over to the designers desk and suggest a behaviour change. Lunch time! Catch the latest episode of John Oliver with the team or take a meditative stroll down by the river (watch out of for the roving gangs of geese). Back at your desk, add a few of your favourite songs to the Foko playlist on Spotify and hopefully you’ll hear it over the office speakers that afternoon. Now, back to testing, coding and repeating. It’s 3pm which means it’s time to plank! Engage that core! Join the team leads for a quick bug triage to get priorities aligned for the next release. Finish off what you were working on and prepare for what’s coming up tomorrow.

Crack a beer and update your work-log in JIRA.

  • Curiosity
  • Confidence in dealing with shifting priorities and requirements.
  • Mindfulness of your assumptions and how to work with them.
  • Willingness to fight for your convictions. Knowing when to accept defeat and when to keep pressing.
  • Resourcefulness in building your knowledge of the product and its requirements.
  • Experience developing Android apps
  • Java development
  • Experience with APIs over the network, i.e. HTTP, SOAP and REST
  • Building and releasing software
  • Working in a fast paced start-up environment

Start Date: Immediate
Position: Full Time
Location: Gatineau (Ottawa), Canada.

Please send resume to:

Think you’d be a great fit but don’t see an available position?

Go ahead and send us your resume along with a cover letter about why you’re a great fit for Foko, for consideration for future positions.

Meet the Foko Mentors

Each team member has the option of working with an industry mentor. If you decide to participate in our mentorship program, we'll work with you to find an external mentor to help with your career development. He or she will be someone in your field that's had a career path you are interested in following. Together with your mentor, you'll decide on the frequency of your meetings and what you’d like to discuss.

Here are a few of the Foko mentors.

Mary Houle

Mary is Registered Speech Pathologist who specializes in coaching for leadership, speaking and voice therapy. Holding an M.A. in Audiology and Speech Sciences, Mary works with her clients to help them gain mastery over public speaking and communication skills.

Fred Boulanger

With decades of experience in the tech world, CEO and President of Macadamian Technologies Fred is passionate about fusing design and technology to create and inspire superb software products with unparalleled user experiences.

Sebastien Marineau

Sebastien is VP of Software at Apple, and oversees the Apple teams working on cameras, photos and security (no big deal). Formerly an executive at Blackberry and QNX Software, Sebastien advises the Foko dev teams.

Stephane Marceau

As the Former VP of Bell Canada, CMO of Yellow Pages, and Co-Founder/CEO of Ohm Signal, Stephane has been around the marketing/startup/tech block and knows a thing or two about strategy.

Mary Houle
Fred Boulanger
Sebastien Marineau
Stephane Marceau

Folks of Foko

Richard Ison
Sydney Johnson
Rian Robertson
Fay Abuhamdan

Richard Ison

Fullstack Developer

Richard (a.k.a. “Rison”) is our coding wizard and develops code for most of the dev teams. A true health enthusiast, the only thing he loves more than coding is working out. His latest passion project has been building a bot that buys all the latest shoes and clothes as soon as they’re released, which means Yeezys for days.

A Day in the Life

Sydney Johnson

Customer Success Specialist

Sydney has a passion for snuggies, closing deals, the TV show Friends, and her Golden Lab puppy Gunther (told you she was obsessed with Friends).

A Day in the Life

Rian Robertson

Developer of Everything

Rian is Foko’s one-man Android team, iOS dev floater, and constant off-beat business idea machine. When he’s not at work, you can find Rian working on a new so-crazy-it-might-actually-work app idea (his latest being the “Date-Vinci Code”, a puzzle-based dating app).

A Day in the Life

Fay Abuhamdan

Customer Experience Manager

Fay is the first responder for all customer questions and always gives 250% in everything she does, she’s that good. Whether she’s traveling to meet with customers or managing everything from Foko HQ, Fay is our resident superhero, all she’s missing is the cape.

A Day in the Life


Head of Security

Bears runs a tight ship - when he’s not passed out, which is about half the time. Every visitor to Foko is thoroughly vetted by Bears, who’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for always rushing at the mailman who is afraid of dogs (and has consequently taken to just throwing packages inside the door and running away).

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life of Richard

6:30 AM

Wakes up and heads to the gym. Luckily he does in fact shower before coming into the office.

9:00 AM

Gets to work and makes a protein shake. If he’s feeling wild he might even mix it in with his morning coffee.

9:30 AM

Participates in the morning dev team scrum and briefs everyone on what he did yesterday and what his priorities are for the day. Gets to the point of the protein shake where it’s just pure powder. Yuck.

9:45 AM

Starts to tackle the daily coding battles ahead of him. Maybe casually reference OVO a few times in his testing.

12:30 PM

Lunch time! This usually consists of chicken breasts because he worked out this morning, or Thai Express, also because he worked out this morning and it’s all about balance.

1:30 PM

Code, code, and more code for backend things. Depending on the project this might mean helping out the iOS or web team. Being a fullstack developer can be thankless work, but someone’s gotta do it!

4:00 PM

Already 7 hours since his last protein shake? Too long, drinks another one.

5:00 PM

Time to head home. Occasionally bridges it with a few other Fokers because you gotta get a mini workout in wherever you can!

8:00 PM

Can't stop, won't stop. Adds some new code and does a bit more testing, solves some issues for the front-enders.

A Day in the Life of Sydney

8:45 AM

Arrives at work, listens to either a podcast from Matt Bellassai or Miley Cyrus on repeat.

9:00 AM

Goes through her emails while enjoying a hot coffee through a straw (Editor’s note: What? You are super weird Sydney) and a below-average bowl of oatmeal.

10:00 AM

Calls some of her favourite leads in Europe and South Africa and dreams about what her life would be like if she lived in a warmer country.

12:00 PM

Cues up either Friends or The Office on Netflix while unpacking her underwhelming lunch that is a salad, usually topped with Tuna.

1:00 PM

Back to the grind with a semi-full stomach. Starts researching some of the different retailers that are out there, and emailing and calling her key contacts.

3:00 PM

Holds a plank for 2 minutes, complains for 5.

3:07 PM

Back at it again, or perhaps jumps on a walkthrough of Foko with a retailer - depends on the day.

4:45 PM

Begins the long journey back home so she can do it all again tomorrow. She works hard so her dog can live a better life.

10:00 PM

Just kidding, sales never sleeps! Hops on a demo with a retailer in another timezone whilst suppressing yawns.

A Day in the Life of Rian

8:30 AM

Strolls in. Grabs a cup of coffee. Catches up on the latest and greatest in the Foko channels. Fires up Android Studio. Monitors the crash logs to see if there’s anything new.

9:30 AM

Scrumpelstiltskin! It’s scrum time, where we gather to talk to keep the rest of the team abreast of where we are at.

10:00 AM

Get to work on implementing features.

10:30 AM

New specs! Let’s have a look to review.

11:00 AM

Random impromptu discussion after overhearing the web team discussing the latest development technologies, chimes in that all you need is the basics...jQuery is king!

12:00 PM

Enjoy last night’s leftovers as we watch our current Netflix comedy series du jour.

1:30 PM

Overhearing some iOS developer frustration, thanks the heavens that Android is his main area of development.

2:30 PM

Demo time! Gather up the Fokers to show off the latest tranche of features.

3:00 PM

While a large part of the office partakes in the 3PM planking tradition, decides that frankly it takes too damn long and does a few ab slides starting from standing position.

4:00 PM

If it’s Friday, then a few of the folks usually gather to solve a puzzler with a beer in hand; usually some logic problem on YouTube fired up on Phil’s screen. Alternatively, may load up the backlog in JIRA and tackle some quickies.

5:00 PM

Gets ready to blast out of here by applying sunscreen and espousing the benefits to those not taking seriously enough the deleterious aging effects of UV rays, before “bridgin’ it” (walking across the bridge to the bus stop) with at least one other Foker, where we philosophize about life, health, and liberty.

A Day in the Life of Fay

7:30 AM

Wakes up and checks Foko. Gracefully falls out of bed, gets dressed, and then walks to work with her adorable Yorkie Hugo

9:00 AM

Gets overly excited about DAU/MAU.

10:00 AM

Still riding that DAU/MAU high, she sets up customer adoption, roll out, and usage plans.

11:30 AM

Steps in to make sure that Hugo doesn’t get eaten by Bears. He is very little and not nearly as tough as he thinks he is.

12:00 PM

Busy putting out client fires so she misses lunch and subsequently gets antsy. Chip breaks tend to remedy this.

1:30 PM

Jumps on some calls to onboard and train new customers or check in with existing ones to make sure everyone is happy and well looked after. What can we say, she’s a giver!

3:00 PM

Since she skipped lunch she needs to get food. As it turns out, you actually can’t survive on coffee alone.

4:00 PM

Enters the pit and checks on the pitsters. This is code for "bugs the dev team for cool new features". After “checking in” with the dev team, she harasses Product with customer requests.

6:00 PM

Leaves Foko and continues to chat with customers in Australia and APAC. It’s a long day but Fay is kind of like crime, she never rests!

A Day in the Life of Bears

9:00 AM

Follows dog mom/Head of Marketing Aja to her desk and hopes for treats. Checks out any new arrivals through the door, secures the perimeter. Doubles back to Aja to assess the treat situation.

10:00 AM

Belly rubs, followed by first snooze of the day.

10:30 AM

Meets UPS guy at the door and eyes him with suspicion. Warily accepts pats on the head.

12:00 PM

Hangs around the Foko lounge, alternating between sad eyes and his most winning smile in hopes of scoring some lunch scraps.

1:00 PM

Snooze number 2.

2:00 PM

Heads out for an afternoon jaunt around the neighbourhood looking for squirrels to terrorize.

3:00 PM

Begs for more treats, awkwardly sniffs the faces of Fokers on the floor doing the daily 3PM plank-off.

4:00 PM

Snooze number 3, more belly rubs.

5:30 PM

After a long, strenuous day of guard doggin’, ready to head home for snoozes number 4 through 8.