Here’s How to Use Foko Retail to Better Manage Compliance

For many retailers, proper in-store execution involves managing an array of time-sucking and outdated communication platforms — including intranets, email, and private messaging apps — in tandem to get the job done. So it’s no surprise that managers overseeing hundreds of locations sometimes struggle to stay on top of what’s happening in their stores.

Thankfully, Foko Retail has the solution: we’re introducing new capabilities into our retail management platform that gives users the ability to assign tasks and surveys, request photos and provide feedback on submissions, all in real time. That way, retailers and brands alike can better manage compliance across stores to guarantee a brand-consistent customer experience at every location. It’s also available on mobile, so whether you’re on iOS, Android or Web, you can use it wherever you go.

But don’t take our word for it — look below to see how two of America’s fastest-growing retailers — Fuego and Fabletics — are using Foko Retail to better their businesses, and boost their profits in the process.

Fuego Heats Up

Since 2003, Fuego has grown beyond its home base in the Pacific Northwest, and now operates nearly 50 locations across the United States. But, like some retailers, Fuego experienced some growing pains due to the company’s rapid expansion.

“In the past, we had a definite lack of visibility between all of our stores when it came to merchandising,” explains Kelsey Leach, the Visual Merchandising Manager at Fuego HQ. She says that due to a long feedback loop over email and subsequent poor reporting from stores, the visual team at HQ had no way of verifying that their instructions were being executed correctly (or done on time).

Now, with Foko Retail, the visual team at Fuego HQ can review photos regularly and give feedback in real time.

Here’s how Fuego is using Foko Retail to better manage their stores:
  • Once a week, Leach creates a Foko Task requesting specific photos of displays from each store, along with the visual directives of how each should look, and sets a due date
  • Then, in-store associates use company iPads to take photos and complete their Task within 24 hours
  • Leach receives a notification when they’re complete and goes through each photo submission, comparing it to her original directives. (If something needs fixing, she can comment and even draw on the photos to highlight what needs to changing, all in real time — here’s what it looks like)
  • After that, the in-store associates update the display and re-submit their photos

Leach estimates that she saves four full days a month in time she would have spent sending emails, and sales of the merchandise in store windows has increased by 25 percent as a result of the more accurate merchandising execution. Merchandising compliance at each location has also increased, while time spent by in-store associates taking and sending photos has been reduced by 50 percent — that’s huge for a fast-growing company like Fuego.

Foko Retail being used on a tablet

Fabletics Stretches Out

Fabletics, the activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson, is another company that had to rethink store management as they continued to expand. Since 2013, the company has shifted from being just a subscription-based e-commerce business to a brick-and-mortar retailer, opening 18 physical locations in that time. (They plan to operate another 75 to 100 in the next few years.)

In the past, Fabletics did their merchandising validation through email — an extremely time-consuming process for a company with such ambitious goals.

But since they’ve started using Foko Retail to collect and share photos of in-store merchandising and give feedback on displays, Fabletics has been able to save two hours a day on emails and one full week on merchandising validation.

“Instead of filtering through email threads with stores and trying to click through attachments, the impact has been really just having one place for everything,” says Alexandra Lambros, Fabletics’ Manager of Retail Brand Visuals and Merchandising. “It’s a much easier way to keep track of everything and has made our merchandising process so much easier.”

Want to learn more? Visit our helpdesk to see how it’s done on mobile and Web, or request a demo today.