See You at NRF 2018!

You knew that merchandising is an art. But did you know that it’s also a science?

If you’re going to be at NRF 2018, we’d love to see you! Drop by Foko Retail’s Booth 375

We’ll show you how to:


Get total visibility into stores


There’s no better way to validate execution than to see it for yourself. Get a real-time window into what’s going on at each store, from anywhere.



Ensure merchandising compliance and give feedback


Assign tasks to individual users or stores, send directives, request photos, and give instant feedback by drawing right on a photo or adding a comment.



See detailed analytics reports on store performance

Monitor overall compliance, new campaign roll-outs and store performance in real-time with Foko Retail Reports, for easy sharing with the leadership team.



If you’d like to set aside a time at NRF for a quick demo, feel free to let us know

This is where we’ll be:

Foko Retail Booth #375
Level 1 (Next to the Exhibitor Big Ideas Room 1)
January 14-16th 2018


See you at Retail’s Big Show!