The retail industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Modern retailers face a unique challenge: brands need to create a consistent customer experience across all channels (what experts call “omnichannel retailing”), while still addressing the regional needs and differences of individual stores.

To fully achieve this transformation, retailers need to connect HQ to stores, field teams, and points of sale. They need to know what their stores actually look like, and how aligned they are with brand directives.

Retailers also need to be able to see the data behind all it all. Which display sells better, Display A or Display B? How are shoppers interacting with each? Which items are they buying from which displays?

Foko Retail was created to solve this complex problem. We deliver the science of execution and merchandising so that retailers can ensure total visibility and compliance across stores, and get access to in-depth analytics on store performance so they’re able to make data-informed decisions.

Foko Retail’s platform is helping retailers across the globe transform their businesses by allowing them to be more responsive, transparent and focused on what matters most — the customer experience.


Real-time, visual communication 

Having a real-time window into what’s happening in-store shouldn’t be complicated. Providing feedback should be simple. Foko Retail combines visual and real-time communication, making it the perfect platform to ensure brand consistency and customer experience.


Foko Retail helps fully immerse your team in your brand’s culture and identity. It promotes transparent communication, boosting employee engagement and increasing efficiency.

Ease of use

Enterprise software doesn’t need to be overly complicated.  Foko Retail was inspired by social platforms and services we use on a daily basis like Facebook and Instagram to avoid steep learning and adoption curves.