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Trusted by 60+ of the biggest names in retail

In Retail, Great Customer Experience Is Everything

Foko Retail delivers the science of in-store execution and merchandising, for an on-brand customer experience every time.

Here's How.
It’s impossible to ensure brand consistency if you don’t know what your stores actually look like.
Foko helps you get the retail experience right, with a real-time window into what’s going on at each store, whether you’re managing 5 or 500.
Visibility - Mobile
Visibility - Desktop
Don’t just send out directives and cross your fingers they'll get executed properly and on time.
Use Foko to assign tasks and surveys with due dates, request specific photos, and give feedback on submissions to ensure stores look their best, so you can reach compliance faster.
Compliance - Mobile
Compliance - Desktop
Advanced analytics
Get detailed analytics reports to help you monitor and compare store performance.
Gather instant, real-time insights and performance reports to share with the leadership team.
Advanced analytics - Mobile
Advanced analytics - Desktop

Foko for Retailers

Ensure total compliance, from executing directives to implementing promotions, using Foko Tasks.

Use Foko to request photos, give feedback and get detailed, up-to-the-minute Task Reports to show you how your stores are performing.

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Foko for Brands

Make sure stores are honouring your brand through real-time monitoring of in-store execution.

Easy communication between HQ, field teams and points of sale means that you can quickly assess compliance, send surveys, and give feedback on displays.

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